Quarry Saves Big on Fuel Without Sacrificing Performance or Comfort

With fuel ranking as the second-highest expense at Laurelbrook Natural Resources, Quarry Manager Bob Jacquier will look for any way to use less—but not at the expense of machine performance and operator productivity. Good thing the Cat® 972M Wheel Loader delivers on all three counts.

“This machine has proven to increase our fuel efficiency 23% over the machine that it replaced,” Jacquier said of the 972M, which he compared to competitors’ wheel loaders before making the decision to purchase. “We’ve been very happy with the efficiency we’ve gained.”

Operator Dalton Jacquier has experienced those improvements firsthand. “It’s very efficient compared to our previous loaders, but lacks no power,” he said. And with the 972M’s integrated payload management system, “it’s nice to know that you can load a truck to the exact weight every time.”

Inside the cab, the 972M features joystick steering to reduce operator fatigue. Visibility is better, too, since there’s no steering console. That leads to shift-long comfort, something the Laurelbrook team appreciates.

“I’m not bounced around all day long like I was in the previous machine,” said John O’Connor, an operator at the quarry.

Watch the video to learn how the 972M is helping Laurelbrook Natural Resources control fuel costs without sacrificing productivity and comfort.

See why operators at Laurelbrook Natural Resources love the Cat® loader that’s 23% more fuel efficient than the one it replaced.

A Three-Minute Investment That Could Boost Your Efficiency 20%

A Three-Minute Investment That Could Boost Your Efficiency 20%

Get expert advice on how to increase loading efficiency by up to 20%—and tips on bench height, truck placement and other factors that affect fuel efficiency.

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972M Wheel Loader

972M Wheel Loader

Deep system integration results in reduced emissions, improved performance and better fuel economy. The 972M is better built to meet your needs.

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