Strack, Inc. Saves on Fuel Costs Using Cat® Excavators and Technology

When the sun comes up in the Southeast, Strack, Inc. crews are hard at work improving communities. Fiercely competitive and focused on large-scale, fast-track projects, Strack uses Cat® equipment, technology, and machine data to uncover new ways to win more work.

Founded in 1948, Strack is considered a major player in the trending pipeline business across the southeastern corner of the United States. Strack President Jonathon Strack partners with his Cat dealer, Yancey Brothers, to new find ways to be a smarter contractor.

Paul Holloway, Yancey Brothers product support representative, explained: “We’ve shown them that partnership. We’re not just a dealer there to sell tractors; we’re there to help our customers to succeed.”

Strack depends on Cat excavators to serve their pipeline industry needs. Purchasing new excavators has helped the company reduce fuel costs. As part of their fleet replenishment and expansion initiatives, Jonathon determined the 336E and 374D excavators could provide the best return on investment for his business demands.

“We can run two full days with the Hybrid Excavator – 40 percent less fuel per day,” he said.

According to their Avalon Project Superintendent Joe Gooden: “What I’m hearing on this Hybrid, and what we’ve experienced out here, it’s going to be a big deal on the bottom line at the end of the year.”

“The 336E is very quick,” said Jonathon. “We are very pleased with its speed and power. I like the camera as it gives us an extra level of safety on all our job sites.”

Caterpillar technology helps Strack monitor their equipment. Jonathon generates reports such as idle time vs run time through VisionLink®. “I’m heavily focused on technology in the business. I love the VisionLink product. I can track our fuel burn. I can track where my equipment is. You’ll know exactly what your fleet’s doing.”

Strack and Yancey Brothers have found ways to raise profit margins and lower fuel costs. “Any edge we can get over the competition, we’ll take it,” Jonathon said.

Watch the video to see how customers like Strack save on fuel costs using Cat excavators and technology.

Strack, Inc. depends on Cat® excavators and technology to save on fuel costs for their pipeline business.

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