Cat® Multi-Processor Honored for Best Demolition Product

If you quickly glance at the Cat® Multi-Processor MP 300 series, you might not immediately recognize the award-winning speed, force and versatility this relatively new work tool delivers. But the Spanish Association of Demolition (AEDED) took a closer look during its 2014 awards forum, and that landed this work tool the honor of best product.

“The new product introduction (NPI) team took a product that had become uncompetitive in the market and turned that around with market-leading features that immediately placed it at the top of its class,” said Work Tools Product Manager Dave Koch. “Sales have grown dramatically.”

Cat dealer Finanzauto received the Best Product Award 2014 for the Multi-Processor MP300 on September 25 in Madrid, Spain, during the AEDED’s annual Forum Demolition. The award recognizes the best suppliers of machinery and tools in the Spanish demolition industry for providing innovative solutions for customers.

“This award confirms the hard work and dedication to hitting the customer requirements defined at the beginning of the program,” Koch said. “As part of the growth imperative in our Global Leader Profile, we are defining our product portfolio to achieve our revenue goals in 2020. This is a great example of how we will work through our product families one-by-one to deliver a solution that is easy to use and redefines our value proposition leading to more sales.”

A Jaw for Each Task

The Cat Multi-Processor MP300 Series (MP318 and MP324) is a work tool that can handle virtually any demolition job simply by using the basic housing along with six different jaws to choose from: Concrete Cutter (CC), Demolition (D), Pulveriser (P), Shear (S), Universal (U) and Tank Shear (TS).

The jaws are easily interchanged in 10 minutes or less and feature replaceable wear parts. That means contractors have maximum flexibility with minimal investment.

SpeedBooster Technology

According to Work Tools leaders, the judges at AEDED also appreciated the MP 300 series’ patented SpeedBooster technology—which integrates Boostervalve and Speedvalve to deliver the shortest possible cycle time combined with the highest possible closing force. That means the multi-processor provides speed when you need it, power where you need it and both for the really rough jobs.

In addition to faster cycle times and up to six percent more closing force, the Cat MP300 multi-processor incorporates several other enhancements aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity.

“We are applying technologies which reduce our customers’ owning and operating costs to ensure they make more money when they choose Cat products and the Cat dealer network than they can with any competitive alternative,” said Marketing Communications Supervisor Bert Heijligers. “This new generation of multi-processors uses patent-pending booster and speed valve technology and a patent-pending jaw locking system, which translates to lower costs for customers and lower emissions for the environment.”

Watch the award-winning Cat® MP300 series multi-processor in action.

The New Performance Standard

The New Performance Standard

Our new line of multi-processors can handle virtually any demolition job, simply by pairing the basic housing with up to six available jaw sets.

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Cat® Multi-Processors

Cat® Multi-Processors

Multi-function demolition tools offering increased versatility via interchangeable jaw sets.

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