When the Trash Doesn't Stop, Neither Does the Cat® 950K Wheel Loader

At the City of Dallas Sanitation Department's Southwest Transfer Station, "the trash doesn't stop," says Equipment Maintenance Manager Stan Davis. Fortunately, neither does the operation's Cat® 950K Wheel Loader. 

Capable of processing 250 tons of trash a day, the 950K mounds refuse and recyclables into piles on the transfer station floor, then pushes them through loading slots into empty trailers. And it works fast—loading 42,000 to 45,000 pounds of material in just four or five minutes, about half the time required by previous loaders.

“We have to get the trailers in and out as quickly as we can,” says Benny Chavarria, a supervisor at the transfer station. “The machine helps us tremendously.”

In addition to speed, the 950K is a reliable worker, operating six hours a days, six days a week. Puncture-resistant, foam-filled tires and a waste-handling package that includes protective bars and additional wear plates help improve uptime.

“The machine has to be up every day. It’s strong and it’s durable. That’s key,” Davis says.  

Inside the cab, operators appreciate the rearview camera, as well as controls and a seat that can be set to personal preferences. VisionLink® provides updates on machine performance and insights into how operators are working.

While city staff is responsible for maintenance, local dealer Holt Cat handles larger service jobs, warranty work and parts support—a big selling point, according to Ron Smith, assistant director of sanitation services.

“One of the key components that the city appreciates is the support system,” he says.

The Cat® 950K moves about 200 tons of refuse and 50 tons of recyclables daily at the City of Dallas Sanitation Department’s Southwest Transfer Station.

Waste Industry

Waste Industry

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950K Wheel Loader

950K Wheel Loader

The Cat® 950K was designed to improve operator comfort, performance, and productivity, all while meeting Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions requirements.

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