Power Profile Oil & Gas

Caterpillar Global Petroleum has the customized, purpose-built power solutions to meet your needs. A custom package from Caterpillar means plug-and-play with single-source convenience – one quote, one purchase order, one factory order, one warranty, one service technician, and one invoice. All with superior Cat® performance and reliability, and all backed by the renowned Cat dealer network.

Loadcraft Industries, Ltd. is a family-owned, faith-based company that was started in November 2004 in Brady, Texas. Loadcraft is a manufacturer of well service, drilling, and workover rigs supporting the oil and gas industry. They also manufacture heavy haul equipment trailers, frac trailers, and the assembly side of frac. Loadcraft builds from 250 to 2000 hp mechanical SCR rigs and their specialty is carrier-mounted mobile rigs at 550 to 1000 hp. They are currently developing new products and AC rigs.

A Solid History with Cat Equipment

Loadcraft uses Cat® C15 ACERT engines in their pulling units and drilling rigs. Over the last year, they have purchased TH35 and CX31 transmissions and 3512, C27 ACERT™ and C32 ACERT engines for mud pumps. Other Loadcraft facilities build packages for water transfer pumps with C4.4 engines and frac trailers with 3512 and TH48 transmissions.

Loadcraft is currently building a large number of 550 rigs and they want Cat C15 ACERT engine, transmission, and control packages on board. They are also asking for full package mud pump engines ranging from C27 ACERT to 3512 per customer specs, and will require multiple C15 ACERT and C18 ACERT generator sets.

Why Cat Custom Packaging?

“It’s customer preference-driven and our personal choice is Caterpillar. Bottom line – Cat equipment makes our rigs a better product. The way we have it set up with Caterpillar, we can use the same engines for 550, 750, or 1000 hp and keep the same package for anything we build. It just makes good economic sense. “Caterpillar has adapted to Loadcraft’s needs well. What I like about the Cat product is that when we get it, it’s a nice clean package, so when we install it with our equipment, it makes our lives simpler.”
Grady McIver – VP of Rig Operations

Plug and Play

When the Cat package gets here we can basically bolt it down, hook it up, and fire it up. The electronic control module is factory set and calibrated, the controls are ready, the tranny’s hooked up, and everything is in place to plug-and- play. Cost is a big deal in the industry, so the less we have to do with the package, the better. With Caterpillar, we know it’s right, and we can pass our savings on to our customers. That has helped us tremendously. As long as we have customers buying oil and gas equipment, we’ll be buying Cat products. When our customers are happy, we’re happy – If it works, why try to fix it?"

"Sector by sector, Caterpillar brings higher value over the competition. Loadcraft pushes the use of Cat engine/transmission packages, especially with the drop boxes, on well service rigs. Using the CX31, we save weight and lighten up our rigs. With Caterpillar, we get the package; radiator, engine transmission, and controls all from the same place, and we’re getting 540 hp rating. Warren Cat, our dealer, runs and tests it, and when it gets here all we have to do is set it in, plug in the connectors and go. We pay a little more but we have less assembly involved. And by the time we finish the installation and the packaging, we end up with the same cost and a better product.”
Lonnie McDonald – Director of Purchasing


The Cat Advantage

Power/torque curves are better for well service application
• Pull weight out of the well from a stop
• Engines work through a wider power range as opposed to competitors
• Better gear ratio for applications
• Cat electronic software provides smoother and easier shift for the equipment
• Easier on the drawworks through the gear shifts.
Loadcraft’s 8 models include:
• 250 truck mounted rig
• 350 carrier mounted rig
• 550, 750, 1000 hp
• 1100 trailer mounted rig
• 1500 & 2000 hp land rig