Over four decades doing the same job at the same company is pretty impressive. It’s even more impressive if it’s a Motor Grader.

A Cat® Motor Grader has been “employed” by the city of LaGrange, Ga. since it left the factory in 1964. This year they plan to retire it after 49 years of service.

“It was a good piece of equipment,” said David Brown, LaGrange public works director, in an article featured in the LaGrange News.

“When I came to work here in 1985 there were still seven miles of dirt streets. The motor grader was used to keep those streets smooth and passable. It has also been used in the fine grading of construction projects, at the landfill, and snow and ice removal since I came to work here.”

The city is retiring the machine this year – after many productive years of service.

Source: http://www.lagrangenews.com/news/home_top/2347484/It-was-a-good-piece-of-equipment#

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