Australian Pool Company Won’t Settle for Anything but Cat® Equipment

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Australian Pool Company Won’t Settle for Anything but Cat® Equipment

When your primary business is constructing residential swimming pools, changing weather conditions and tight spaces can present big challenges. Mick Masters, owner of ECC Pools in New South Wales, Australia, is tackling both issues head on with Cat® compact equipment.

In business for more than a decade, Masters initially rented machines. As his business grew, he made the decision to buy—purchasing a Cat compact track loader and two Cat mini excavators within a 12-month period.

“I was under the impression that Cat was quite expensive until I made the call,” he says. “After having the machines on site, I believe it’s the best machinery you can get: value for the money.”

In fact, Masters says a day’s work in one machine can often cover his monthly payment for all three pieces of equipment. And he’s come to rely on Cat quality, reliability and dealer service to meet his deadlines.


Mick Masters, owner of ECC Pools in New South Wales, Australia, relies on his three Cat® machines for efficient, reliable performance in tight spaces.

“When we’re digging pools, we need to be very efficient due to weather. We get in there and get the job done quick,” he says. “These machines are so reliable and easy to use. We can’t afford to have any failures, and I’ve yet to have a breakdown. The servicing on the machines I’ve put into my monthly bill. The guys at WesTrac just come out and service my machines, and off I go again.”

Masters also appreciates that Cat compact equipment is built for ease of operation in tight spaces.

“It can dig a big hole quite efficiently,” he says of the 301.7D CR mini excavator specifically. “The controls and operation of this machine are by far the smoothest I’ve ever operated.”

A fan of Caterpillar since he was a kid, Masters is now a proud and loyal Cat customer.

“I never really thought that I was ever going to own a Cat machine. Now I’ve got the three, and I’m quite happy with what they’re doing,” he says. “Delivering value to my customers means everything to me. That’s why I wouldn’t settle for anything less than Cat.”





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