Cat® Machines Help Case Snow Management Tackle Winter Weather

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Snow and ice management is second nature to Jason Case. He began in the industry at a very young age and after successfully growing the snow and ice division of his father’s company, he branched out to start Case Snow Management (CSM) in 2009. Established and based in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts, the company has expanded to become the largest snow and ice management company on the east coast. Now servicing nine states throughout New England, including New York and New Jersey, CSM provides everything from plowing to weather monitoring for their private sector clients.

It’s no secret in this weather-dependent industry that contractors need the most dependable machines available and they need them in a moment’s notice throughout the winter months. This is just one reason Jason Case and chief operating officer, Tom Angelone, rely on a fleet of Cat® Wheel Loaders to keep CSM operations running smoothly.

 “We don’t have time to deal with breakdowns or mishaps because it strangles the operation as a whole,” stated Case. “Every time it snows, we need to be ready to go. That’s why we continue to purchase Cat® equipment.”

Working in harsh weather environments is inevitable in this industry. Therefore, good visibility is critical in order to get surfaces cleared and back into working order. Case and Angelone believe that Cat® Wheel Loader visibility is second to none—allowing their employees to operate safely and efficiently in these machines. Additionally, Cat® Wheel Loaders offer the maneuverability the company needs to tackle snow and ice clearing jobs in tight parking lots or areas where space is limited. 

Cat® machine technology is also crucial to the company’s operations. Employees and machine operators are often carrying out multiple tasks on one jobsite that require the use of several different machine attachments. When Caterpillar introduced the Cat® Fusion™ Coupler system, it changed the game for CSM. The system allows operators to not only rapidly change out attachments, but also use the same attachments across varying machines and models.

“Cat® Quick Couplers are best-in-class,” said Angelone. “With the Fusion system, we can connect one of our 14-foot pushers to any one of our loaders, whether it’s a small wheel loader or a compact track loader.”

In order to service nine states, CSM employs a team of more than 200 machine operators and a fleet of over 100 loaders. It’s easy to imagine how challenging of a task operator training and fleet management can become with an operation this size. Therefore, CSM relies on the user-friendly design of the technology and features on Cat® machines. Operators can transition power train modes with just the touch of a button when switching tasks. Additionally, easy-to-use features that help reduce component wear and maximize efficiency, such as rimpull control, are helping CSM save money and extend the life of its machines.

Equipment reliability and technology aside, the longstanding relationship with its local dealer, Milton Cat®, is a primary reason CSM continues to purchase Cat® equipment. The communication and service from Milton has been instrumental in maintaining smooth and efficient operations.  Case and Angelone have developed strong working relationships with Caterpillar product engineers, as well, and often provide valuable feedback to help in the design of next generation machines.

“It’s important to understand that none of this works without our relationship with Milton Cat,” said Case. “The service they provide is excellent and we can continue to expand our fleet with the assurance of their 24/7 support.”




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