Company puts snow and ice management technology to work

Cat® Connect VisionLink™ technology can enhance your business 24/7

Snow Management Inc. can see every machine – no matter how hard it’s coming down.

Caterpillar supplies durable snow & ice removal equipment that industry professionals can count on in the harshest winter conditions, along with the latest technology to make your business more profitable.

Pennsylvania-based Snow Management Inc. (SMI) offers innovative snow & ice management solutions to its customers. Since 1995, the company has provided quality commercial snow & ice removal services throughout northeastern and eastern Pennsylvania.

To give their business an edge, SMI has embraced Cat® Connect VisionLink technology, which helps business owners measure and improve their fleet's hours, utilization, fuel burn, idling, health, maintenance and productivity. The thinking behind VisionLink is that timely and accurate information can significantly improve a company’s bottom line.

SMI relies on VisionLink each day to get a clear read on the status of every machine they own, as well as its condition. When the company is in its busy winter season, SMI operates around the clock. They may have more than 100 machines out in the field at one time.

Without an offering like VisionLink, tracking is a logistical nightmare. In the past, this meant someone had to go from job site to job site to manually check on each machine. The appeal of VisionLink is that this can now be done via a phone, tablet or desktop computer, which saves countless hours each week.

“Today, I can track each machine we operate at all times,” said Adam Pendolphia, vice president, SMI. “I know exactly where and when a machine will be delivered.”

SMI works closely with their Cat dealer, Cleveland Brothers, who monitors the health of the machines.

“SMI relies on VisionLink on a daily basis to track all of its equipment,” said Jeff Connolly, sales representative, Cleveland Brothers. “It’d be really hard to do that without this technology.”

In a severe winter storm event, the SMI team is operating 24/7 to meet its contractual obligations. When workers are preparing for a 12-16 hour shift, they can rely on VisionLink to ensure their machines are at full fuel capacity.

Time is money in the snow & ice management industry. As customers like SMI have learned, VisionLink specializes in saving you time.

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