You’ve seen it and you’ve read about it but have you been able to actually prove the lowest total lifecycle costs of your power solution options? One of the most commonly-used buzzwords in the commercial marine industry is also one of the hardest to precisely measure. That’s why Caterpillar has gone beyond traditional models to develop EVA™ (Engine Value Analysis) to accurately capture and compare the total lifecycle costs for engine platforms across multiple engine manufacturers.

“The Caterpillar EVA tool is the most robust total cost of ownership tool available in the marine marketplace to help customers’ make an informed and educated decision in their power selection process,” Ryan Darnell, Caterpillar Large Power Systems engineer noted. “It supports parameters that aren’t often included in similar analysis tools, including LNG & DEF consumption, load profiles across varied power inputs and emissions regulations, including EPA Tier 4 and IMO III.”

The fully customizable tool can be used for diesel, dual fuel and gas engine platforms, comparing up to four models at a time. Additionally EVA™ can support all marine applications including diesel electric propulsion, mixed speed engine rooms, propulsion systems and hybrid engine rooms.  Initial results from customers who have utilized EVA has been promising. “One of our first customers who used the tool will be able to save close to $3 million dollars per vessel over the course of fifteen years by simply selecting a better power rating for his fleet,” Darnell noted. “The first thing we do is take a step back and ask the customer, what do you need your vessel to do? From there, it’s all about helping them to make sound, data-driven decisions.”

Marine customers interested in utilizing the new EVA tool can contact their local Cat dealer for more information.

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