Caterpillar Marine and MaK deliver dependable power for Arctic operations

Going to extremes aboard the Brage Viking.

Caterpillar Marine and MaKTM deliver dependable power for Arctic operations.

You never know what the Arctic is going to throw at you. One day it’s extreme cold. The next it’s dangerous ice blowing around on high winds. You have to be ready for anything if you’re working offshore here. That’s why Rederi AB TransAtlantic chose MaK engines from Caterpillar Marine to power the Brage Viking, an ice-class 1A super anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel built for Sweden’s Viking Supply Ships. 

Power and Efficiency

With four dependable MaK engines putting out 19,050 hp, the Brage Viking is designed to bridge the gap between icebreakers and regular AHTS vessels. It meets the demands of rugged offshore management in areas with severe ice conditions, while its bulbous bow enables better efficiency in open water. 

Two MaK 8 M 32 C engines at 5440 hp drive the main props, while two 6 M 32 C engines @ 4085 hp power the Cat Propulsion azimuth thruster and dual forward and aft thrusters.

 Even with Caterpillar’s unparalleled worldwide support network, Brage Viking often works far from help in some of the most isolated areas of the world. MaK engines are ideal for Arctic service ships like this one because they’re built to deliver extremely reliable power—with the goal of zero downtime—under the harshest conditions, day in and day out.

Experience and Confidence

Of course, an experienced crew can do a lot to keep any marine engine running. Viking Supply Ships has a unique way to ensure that it has the required knowledge on board: The company employs the Swedish Maritime Administration’s icebreaking crews during the summer to assist in its ice management operations. It is a knowledge-sharing arrangement that benefits both parties.

As Viking Supply Ships’ Project Director Andreas Kjøl says, “Viking learns from the icebreaking crews’ Arctic experience, and the icebreaking crews, in addition to being utilized year-round, gain more experience working in offshore. It’s a win-win.”

Before sending the ship out into the Arctic for the first time, Viking Supply Ships conducted a series of full-scale icebreaking trials in the Baltic Sea. Along with preparing the crew for the challenges ahead, the trials gave them more confidence than ever in the performance of the Brage Viking and its durable, dependable MaK engines.


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