Five-Time Yacht Owner Becomes a First-Time Cat® Customer with Excellent Results

LISCORNO is Gaston le Cam’s fifth yacht—but the first powered by Cat® engines. It likely won’t be the last.

Le Cam selected a pair of new Cat 8.7 engines for his Queens 50 Hard Top yacht, which was built at Flag Marine Shipyard and delivered in May 2015.

“I wanted to have shaft line propulsion and not an azimuth thruster,” le Cam says. “Cat engines allow me to have higher power for my vessel in comparison to other brands. I want to sail in comfort and to have power during all the seasons with no power loss.”

Last summer, le Cam sailed LISCORNO across the Mediterranean from his home port of Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France, to Corsica. He also made regular trips to the islands of Elba and Porquerolles, Saint-Tropez and Italy—and was impressed with the C8.7 engines’ power, reliability and quiet operation.

“After launching, I could reach 32.6 knots over a calm sea, and I usually sail around 23 knots when crossing the Mediterranean,” le Cam says. “These engines have had no problems, not even electronic issues, since the commissioning. They’re very reliable, very quiet and do not vibrate. I’m happy with this propulsion even in January during the winter season.”

The electronically controlled C8.7 engines can deliver 650 MHP @ 2300 RPM while meeting EPA Tier 3, IMO 2, EU Stage IIIA and RCD emissions requirements. They feature a radial, belt-driven supercharger in addition to a conventional turbocharger, which eliminates smoke and reduces lugging, while delivering phenomenal low-end torque and impressive fuel economy.

“The C8.7 is the best-in-class engine for power/ratio aptitude,” says Stéphane Allaire, marine sales manager for Cat dealer Eneria. “This very compact engine is the perfect solution for the repowering of former technology of large displacement engines, saving room, weight and fuel consumption, and granting fast acceleration to pass the wave.”

Support from Eneria also played an important role in le Cam’s decision to power LISCORNO with Cat engines.

“I checked the network for Cat engine maintenance, and I was delighted to see that Eneria was present throughout the Mediterranean with their agents, with the main agency in La Ciotat shipyards and also in Corsica,” he says. “Eneria has good technical expertise and was always on time for maintenance and engine technical issues.”

Not that le Cam expects to have many issues going forward.

“I am very happy with the C8.7 engine,” he says. “I strongly advise other yacht owners to choose Cat engines with shaft line propulsion for their excellent performance.”

The two Cat C8.7 engines powering Gaston le Cam’s newest yacht, LISCORNO, are exceeding his expectations for power, reliability and quiet operation.

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The Cat® C8.7 supercharged diesel engine is capable of delivering an impressive 650 MHP @ 2300 RPM while meeting EPA Tier 3, IMO 2, EU Stage IIIA and RCD emissions requirements.

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