Hamburg Tug Life



Fritz Ibendahl has been a captain in the Port of Hamburg for thirty years. During his time there, the port has changed quite a bit: larger and larger ships have been calling with increasing frequency, giving rise to a demand for more powerful tugs that can manage them. With a bollard pull of 70 tons, the tugboat Peter is one of those tugs, commissioned specifically to be able to assist the new mega-containerships – and Fritz has been the tug’s captain since it first arrived in Hamburg in 2008.

The hallmark of a capable tug is its ability to both respond and take control quickly. This requires a super-efficient and experienced crew that is comfortable navigating through tight spaces, as well as ultra-responsive engines that deliver plenty of power. The container ships and bulk carriers that rely on Peter for help can be over 300 meters long – 12 times the length of the 25 meter tug. But despite its humble size, Peter is one of the strongest tugs in Hamburg.


“The hallmark of a capable tug is its ability to both respond and take control quickly”

This crew rules the harbor: go on-board the Harbor Tug Peter as the crew tackles tough tows in one of the world's busiest ports.

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