Smart design on new Cat displays

Smart design on new Cat® displays

Cat® marine displays are already respected for their intuitive touchscreen interface, their crystal clear optics and their impressive durability, but they are about to get even better. With the upcoming prod 2 software, both the 7” and 13” Cat marine display support additional communication protocols, greatly improving their versatility. With the new software in place, vessel owners can potentially monitor all of their vessel’s systems and better organize its information.


There’s a lot to like with Cat displays, and they make sense for a vessel of any size or function, from single engines, to megayachts, to industrial vessels like barges and dredges. But why should a vessel owner consider upgrading to Cat displays? Why aren’t older displays good enough anymore? Consider how a modern Cat display can help with powertrain monitoring:


  1. Modbus brings flexibility– New Cat displays support Modbus TCP-IP, an industry standard communication protocol that allows the display to interact with most other networked devices onboard. The Cat displays can monitor various vessel electronic components from engines to generator to swimming platform, as long as the appropriate hardware is in place. No longer will a vessel operator have to walk away from the helm to monitor other systems, as all the information can be tracked through the display

  2. The display interface is familiar and easy to learn – Cat displays have been designed with an interface that anyone can use. A user friendly interface is an essential priority of display design, which is why Cat displays are built with touchscreen functionality that closely mimics that used with smartphones and tablets. Simple gestures allow operators to quickly swipe through multiple windows, bring up a settings panel or quickly scrolling through a carousel of options. Multi-touch functionality is coming soon, as well.

  3. Aesthetics are given the attention they deserve – Times change, and with them, aesthetics. Even if a vessel is 20 years old, its instrumentation doesn’t have to look like it is 20 years old. Cat displays are sharp and immediately convey the modern look that yacht and pleasure boat owners look for. Optics, and specifically display visibility, is given priority as well. Every display is finished with polarized, glare-proof and smudge-proof glass, maximizing visibility in all conditions and from all angles.

  4. Cat displays are built to last – A display is nothing if it is not reliable, which is why Cat rigorously tests every one of its displays for their integrity. Cat displays are IP 65 front rated and IP 22 rear rated, so they withstand water intrusion. Cat displays also come with ABS, DNV, LRS, BV, GL and ClassNK Marine Society approvals.

  5. Cat displays are an integral part of Cat powertrain – Cat displays work seamlessly with Cat propulsion solutions. They have dedicated screens to monitor and activate such functions as Three60 Hold to provide visual and audible indication of the vessels location and heading.


Cat marine displays are an easy addition or retrofit option, and they make an instant impact on how vessel owners operate their boats. And because they are Cat built, vessel owners know they can trust Cat displays to perform their role without fail.