Signet - Tug

Big Rigs, Small Margins

Here’s your challenge: Tow a 66,600 ton, 30-story high oil drilling and production rig to sea through a gap with just several feet of clearance on either side – and only six feet below! Oh and by the way, the rig is worth billions of dollars… This is a regular day’s work for the skippers and crew of SIGNET POLARIS. How is that for a challenge, huh?

“We do a lot of work with the bigger rigs,” says Captain Ryan Watson. “And it’s not a walk in the park.”
That sort of understatement is typical of the Captains and crews of the motor tug SIGNET POLARIS that works the Gulf of Mexico from its South Texas base in Ingleside, Texas. Signet Maritime Corporation has been offering barge and rig towing services to its oil and gas customers for the past four decades. And they’re always there; ready to assist, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Signet Polaris is one of the tugs working the Gulf of Mexico for Signet Maritime Corporation. Her specialty is towing big rigs and big cargo, a welcomed service for many oil and gas customers.

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