Challenge Accepted

Preparing for Ten Island Race

The archipelago off Sweden’s west coast. Rustic houses that stand, as they’ve done for hundreds of years, against a backdrop of white-capped waves and gray skies. A small, tight-knit community, where the Islanders share a special bond forged by a lifetime of harsh weather amid windswept granite and the open sea. This is home to Caterpillar Marine.

Man vs. Nature

The Ten Island Race. A race that challenges local Islanders and elite athletes alike, to run, swim and kayak across ten jagged islands, through treacherous waters, over distances longer than a marathon, all the while competing against the elements. For the men and women at Caterpillar Marine, the mindset is the same whether they are getting ready to compete in the race, or designing and building world-leading propellers. They have the conviction that through teamwork they can overcome any obstacles. That sense of never giving up, no matter what they are faced with. That inherent trait comes from growing up surrounded by the rugged nature and powerful elements of the islands.

By multisport competition standards, the Ten Island Race isn’t especially long. It’s the terrain that makes it grueling. The course crosses 10 islands, and to get from island to island, competitors must kayak 18 kilometers and swim 2300 meters through the open sea. And the on-land part isn’t any easier. For 26 kilometers, participants clamber over pitted rock that is frequently soaked by rain and seawater. Trails are virtually non-existent. On average, the course takes eight hours to complete.

The home-turf advantage

To the locals who live and work here every day, the terrain comes as no surprise. This levels the playing field considerably. For the men and women working at Caterpillar Marine, living and working in these elements allow them to relate to the experiences and challenges their customers face in their daily work. They understand that the only way to do a good job, no matter what it may be, is to put themselves in the shoes of their customer. Only then, from that perspective, can they truly realize what it takes. Knowing the terrain, training and delivering is crucial, whether in the Ten Island Race or in business.

Challenge Accepted

See how race that challenges local Islanders and elite athletes alike, to run, swim and kayak across ten jagged islands.

Preparation for Ten Island Race