Ålesund, MaK 8 M 32 C

Going for Silver

Torbas, Fishing, MaK 8 M 32 C

On the west coast of Norway lies the town of Ålesund. This picturesque town was voted the most beautiful town in Norway, in 2007. Ålesund has one of the most modern fishing fleets in Europe, and one of the biggest vessels operating in Ålesund is Torbas.

Torbas is a trawler, built in 2015 at the Stadyard’s shipyard and equipped with a MaK diesel engine 8 M 32 C. With her 70-meter long combined purse seiner and pelagic trawler, and more than 2,000 cubic meters of storage space for fish, she sure is considered a pretty big vessel. Equipped with the latest technology in order to maximize her capacity, Torbas makes her way around Ålesund. Her design is quite unique compared to most other fishing vessels built so far.

“It’s a heavy vessel and we feel we’ve hit the mark with the machinery and the configuration,” says Ottar Teige, Chief Engineer onboard Torbas. Being a fisherman in the north Atlantic is an extraordinary job, and no day is like the other. Some days bring on the full force of nature, others are calm and nice as a breeze. It’s a gamble; you never know if you’ll hit the jackpot or leave the casino with empty pockets.


Going for Silver

Watch how Ålesund a picturesque town was voted the most beautiful town in Norway, in 2007.

Going for Silver - Torbas, Fishing Vessel, Norway