Not a game of bumper cars

Crowley Guide, Tug, 3516B

The Crowley Guide is a ship-assist vessel operating out of Seattle.  Crowley Marine has been a valued customer of Caterpillar and recently has decided to implement Cat® Asset Intelligence onboard the Guide. 

Crowley is using Cat Asset Intelligence to keep a watch over the Guide’s main engines, generators, thrusters and other critical systems 24/7.  While completely automated from data capture through analysis and advisory recommendations for each piece of equipment, the Caterpillar Marine Asset intelligence team provides advisory and management reports including recommendations for individual equipment, as well as additional ways Crowley can save money and incrementally improve operations. 

Big selling Point

“It’s very scalable and customizable. That’s one of the things we liked about this technology,” Bill Metcalf at Crowley Marine said. “Plus, Cat® Asset Intelligence will monitor and analyze anything—not just Cat® products. That was a big selling point as we, like many others, have a wide variety of equipment that is critical to our success.” With the AI software monitoring and analyzing Guide’s key systems, Crowley Maritime expects to see value in a number of areas. “Caterpillar has been a good partner with Crowley for many years, and they’ve been at this for a long time,” Metcalf said. “This process is in place in mines and factories. It’s the next logical step in marine technology, and we want to be early adopters if it adds value.”

Not a game of bumper cars


Not a Game of Bumper Cars - Crowley Guide, Tug, Seattle