One for All, All for One

One for All, All for One

Ahbra Franco, Tug, 3516C

Harbor tugs don’t carry crude - they make oil and gas transportation safer. Harbor tugs don’t transport goods - they keep the economy growing by keeping traffic flowing in the ports.

A normal day for the crews working onboard the tugs run by Harley Marine Services in the San Francisco Bay starts early in the morning with a rush of ships coming in to the Bay from overseas. The biggest thing for customers is to maintain their schedule and limit how long they are in the port. Shorter turnaround time lets them run more freight, so the quicker they are in and out, the better their bottom line is.

Always ready

The goal of the crews onboard the harbor tugs is to always be on time and be ready whenever customers need them. Being ready to go at all times and responding to customers is demanding work and even though daily duties turn into an everyday rhythm, it is crucial to always be ready to go. There is always work to be done for a harbor tug, and the only thing you can expect, is to expect the unexpected.


One for All, All for One

The harbor tugs don’t carry crude but they make oil and gas transportation safer. 

One for All, All for One - Ahbra Franco, Tug, San Francisco


The 3516C propulsion engine is available with a wide range of ratings that meet EPA Tier 3 and IMO II regulations without any additional aftertreatment.

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