The Perfect Fit

It’s a new day. As the sun rises over Owls Head, Maine, Captain Matt Mills is already out on the water. Mills is a lobster fisherman and owner of the No Numbers II 34’ glas-spec boat. Powered by a 3126 Cat®  engine with over 13,000 hours, his engine has always been reliable for the job.  “It didn’t even smoke, there was nothing wrong with it. I just thought it was time that I wanted a new engine.” Mills was looking for a replacement engine that slid right into his old boat and he found the perfect fit in the Cat Reman 3126 engine.

The Cat Reman 3126 is a complete Reman engine made with state-of-the-art techniques, advanced manufacturing processes, and genuine Cat parts.

The installation process was simple—Mills didn’t have to cut his boat or make any mount adjustments. “I purchased a complete engine because I just thought that it’s easy just to take the old one out, put the new one in just like new.” 

Compared to new engines, Caterpillar Reman engines are a cost effective repair solution. “The retrofit costs are very low compared to new.  You don’t have to change engine mounts, those types of things which keeps costs down,” says Milton Cat, PSSR Lucas Patch.

Cat Reman solutions are an excellent choice for customers with longer product ownership and higher usage who need an affordable option in the shortest time possible. All Cat Marine Reman solutions receive a one year parts warranty. In addition to Caterpillar’s warranty protection and affordable costs, Reman solutions also make sustainable progress possible by reducing waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing the need for raw materials to produce new parts.

With Reman solutions, customers can expect products that provide same-as-new performance, the latest engineering advancements, and reduced downtime for overhaul and repairs.

Caterpillar has a worldwide dealer network comprised of dealers ready to support client operations with technical support, service, parts, and warranty. Customers like Mills need reliable support so they can continue their work without a major loss of downtime. “My Cat dealer, when I call them, if I had an issue, they are here that night or the next morning, which eliminates our downtime from fishing.” 

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