This Crew rules the Harbor

Peter, Tug, 3516B

The tugboat Peter operates in the Port of Hamburg, one of the busiest in the world. With only three crewmembers onboard – the captain, chief engineer, and deckhand – this vessel is a vital link in the transport chain, helping to ensure that over 100 million tons of seaborne cargo reaches its destination safely every year.

Fritz Ibendahl has been a captain in the Port of Hamburg for thirty years. During his time there, the port has changed quite a bit: ultra-large container vessels have been calling with increasing frequency, giving rise to a demand for more powerful tugs that can manage them. With a bollard pull of 70 tonnes, Peter is one of those tugs, commissioned specifically to be able to assist ultra-large vessels – and Fritz has been its captain since it first arrived in Hamburg, six years ago.

The hallmark of a capable tug is its ability to both respond and take control quickly. This requires a super-efficient and experienced crew that is comfortable navigating through tight spaces, as well as ultra-responsive engines that deliver plenty of power. The container ships, cruise ships, and bulk carriers that rely on Peter for help can be between 300 and 400 meters long – at least twelve times the length of the twenty-five-foot tug. But despite its humble size, Peter is one of the strongest tugs in Hamburg.

This Crew rules the Harbor

Watch how tugboat Peter operates in the Port of Hamburg.

This Crew Rules the Harbor - Peter, Tug, Hamburg