R6100H LHD - Underground Loader in USG Gypsum Mine - Sperry Iowa

Finding a Way

Joint Effort of Caterpillar, Dealer and Customer Pays Off

Working Together To Get the Right Equipment Underground

The U.S. Gypsum mine in Sperry, Iowa, is more than 620 feet underground and accessible only via shaft, which makes getting equipment in the mine a difficult challenge. When it was time for a new loader, U.S. Gypsum turned to local Cat® dealer Altorfer, a long-time partner of its surface operation.

Once the mine decided on a new Cat R1600H, Altorfer went to work figuring out the right way to disassemble the machine on the surface, send the hundreds of individual pieces down the shaft, and then re-assemble it underground. It took a partnership to ensure a successful project, with Altorfer engineers, Caterpillar engineers and mine personnel working in close collaboration throughout the process.

The mine has since purchased an additional R1600H and Altorfer has developed best practices that are being shared with other Cat dealers around the world. 



Cat® R1300G Serves As Battery Electric LHD Prototype

Caterpillar is preparing to ship a proof of concept battery electric LHD to a mine site located in Canada. After testing, Caterpillar will launch full-fledged new product introduction program.

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Cat® Underground Products - Deep Innovation to Meet High Demands

No two underground operations are the same—what, how and where you mine are unique. If you want equipment that’s built to stand up to demanding underground conditions—while delivering the productivity and cost per ton you demand—we’re there to tailor a solution.

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Managing Fatigue with Technology And Continuous Improvement
Managing Fatigue with Technology And Continuous Improvement

Fatigue management technology can help with long working hours, low lighting, repetitive duties, shift schedules and solitary work environments—all things that can be present in any mining operation. . The comprehensive Cat® solution incorporates technology to predict, measure and mitigate fatigue events and provide operators with the tools and knowledge to improve their alertness.
Transporting a 100-Tonne Machine 750 Meters Below the Surface
Transporting a 100-Tonne Machine 750 Meters Below the Surface

Thrilled with the performance of its Cat® 992G wheel loader, K + S Rohsalz decided to purchase a 992K. But getting the new machine down the German salt mine’s Surface of narrow material shaft was no easy task.
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