The Right Drive Concept: The Cat CST 65

The Cat® drive is a planetary gearbox with an integrated infinitely variable multi-disc CST clutch. The drive features no-load motor startup, AFC soft start and synchronized heavy-load startup, it allows accurate load sharing between up to three drive motors with excellent, extremely fast overload protection.

A CST gearbox comes in three parts: a supply unit, a first planetary gear stage and an output unit comprising a second planetary gear stage. The KP gearbox also comes in three parts. The supply unit and output unit are the same as the ones from the P gearbox, but the first planetary gear stage is replaced by a bevel helical gearbox unit. The KP gearbox design is available in a left-handed and in a right-handed version. It is also possible to mount the electro-hydraulic controller either inside or outside the supply unit.

The roller bearings of the bevel gear shaft are lubricated by forced lubrication via the built-in oil pump (usually responsible for cooling oil supply to the CST clutch). All other gearings and roller bearings are lubricated by means of splash lubrication.

The Cat CST65
Reduction ratios of 33:1, 39:1 and 50:1 are available; others are possible on request. In addition to the standard CST65 gearbox, we offer the CST65 S gearbox. The S version comes with a sideways mounted electro-hydraulic controller, an extra lube oil filter and two independent cooling circuits (inclu- ding separate heat exchangers) instead of one. Depending on the particular ratio, the permissible input power of the gearbox can be up to 1200 kW/1632 hp at a mains frequency of 50 Hz ( ≈ 1485 rpm) or 1440 kW / 1958 hp at a mains fre- quency of 60 Hz (≈ 1782 rpm). The permissible output torque is 650,000 Nm (max for 3 sec.). The rated continuous output torque is 255,000 (i=33).


The drive frames of the high-performance AFC system at the Yalevskogo mine are also a very important element of the conveyor. At either end of the conveyor, they provide the mount for the chain sprockets, which transmit the drive power of 2 x 1,000 kW (2,412 hp) at the main drives and 1 x 1,000 kW (2,412 hp) at the tail drive.

Both drive frames are designed to be used in left- or right-hand longwall faces - regardless of the direction of mining.

The Cat GR chain sprocket uses three teeth simultaneously to transmit the drive force, in- creasing efficiency from 93 to 97 percent compared to conventional chain sprockets. By providing the right drive and pans for the unique environment at the Yalevskogo longwall face and the specific production goals, Caterpillar ensures the customer gets the ideal ba- lance of cost and performance.


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Cat Longwall CST 65 Gearbox (pictured)
Cat CST65 Gearbox

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