Caterpillar Helps Revive Diesel Mechanical Locomotive Production in Romania

With a long history of repairing and refurbishing rail vehicles, Reloc is breaking new ground with a brand new diesel mechanical locomotive. This year, with the help of Caterpillar, it launched the Terra Nova – a new locomotive with more power train versatility.

The Terra Nova was launched in Romania this May by the mayor of Craiova and representatives from Caterpillar, Reloc, and Cat® dealer Eneria Romania. The locomotive is designed for export, with expectations to fill orders throughout Europe and beyond in the coming years.

“It is a versatile locomotive,” said Graţian Călin, President of Reloc and Vice President of the Grampet Group. “It was designed to run on narrow gauge, medium and large railways.”

This new locomotive is a 1260 horsepower machine powered by two Cat C18 Engines with Cat TR43 Locomotive Transmission packages. Built for short-line (20-30 miles) railroad operations or shunting procedures, the Terra Nova is ideal for making line switches and organizing cars within a rail yard.

What makes this locomotive unique? The Terra Nova boasts two diesel engines and two transmissions, which means the right power at the right time. For light loads, one engine can be used for optimum fuel economy. If the locomotive comes to a steep grade, the second engine can be turned on and the transmission is engaged before losing speed. The locomotive incorporates eight wheel drive to eliminate wheel slip for most operating conditions.

Caterpillar OEM Solutions has worked together with Eneria, the Cat dealer in Romania, and Reloc on everything from project development to design and completion.

“Cat engines and transmissions add reliability, efficiency, and environmental friendliness to the project, making it a new product of interest to many railways in Europe,” added Al Helton, Manager at Caterpillar OEM Solutions. “This is an important project for both Caterpillar and Reloc. It represents a revitalization of locomotive production for both companies.”

Reloc is set to hire 100 new employees to meet demand for the new locomotive. You can catch a glimpse of the Terra Nova this fall by visiting Reloc at the Innotrans Rail Show in Berlin, Germany, in September.

Reloc is a rail vehicle modernization and repair company in Romania and is part of the Grampet Group, a conglomerate of rail freight and logistics companies located throughout Europe. Its partnership with Caterpillar demonstrates a dedication to bringing high quality products to railways across Europe. The Terra Nova was designed in collaboration with Electroputere VFU from Craiova, also part of the Grampet Group. Electroputere has produced more than 8,000 locomotives over the past 50 years. 

The Terra Nova boasts two Cat® C18 Engines with two Cat TR43 Locomotive Transmission packages, which means the right power at the right time.

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