Cat Oil & Gas Single Source Benefits

Cat® Oil & Gas Single Source Benefits

Jared Oehring

VP of Technology - US Well Services

“We help our customers turn data into knowledge. Today, a lot of our customers collect data but they really don't do anything with it. They don't have the tools or people to do it, so that's where we step in. We’re helping them make informed decisions on maintenance, repairs and the performance of their equipment.”

Can you explain a little bit about the work U.S. Well Services does and what your main responsibilities are?

We are a hydraulic fracturing company with 9 fleets – two of which are electric and seven are diesel powered. Most of the work we do is in the Northeast, but we’re also in Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania. As the Vice President of Technology, I’m in charge of our IP and technology portfolio, as well as helping to develop partnerships with external companies.

How long have you been a Caterpillar customer?

We’ve been a customer for about ten years. Caterpillar is a highly innovative company, continuously improving and bringing the latest solutions to meet industry and customer demands.

What products did you purchase from Caterpillar for your current well service operation?

We purchased 3512 diesel engines, TH55 transmissions, solar turbines for our electric fleets, valves and seats and fluid ends.

What are some of the benefits in sourcing all of that equipment from one supplier?

Now that we incorporated the entire drivetrain with the pump monitoring system and other programs, we can leverage the equipment’s technology so it’s all working together in a more seamless manner than it would from other companies.

What kind of issues can you run into when you have equipment from multiple suppliers?

For us, it’s really about our partnership with Caterpillar; we enjoy that collaboration. Other companies are less willing to work with us. Their offer is typically “This is what we have, take it or leave it.” We also like participating in field follows with Caterpillar. It helps us understand what kind of improvements the company is looking at and leverage the data we collect to make our own technology improvements across all of our fleets.

What savings do you get with an all Cat® system?

It’s so much easier to coordinate technology and equipment improvements. We’re not trying to balance and communicate with three or four different companies. So it’s a real supply chain efficiency gain.

You’ve been in trial with the Cat pump electronic monitoring system (PEMS). Can you tell us more about this technology?

PEMS is all about real-time monitoring, and we’re seeing many things that we could not see before. It’s a tremendous value for us because we get a better feel of what’s going on in real time, which has resulted in greater cost-savings.

As a technology focused company, how has being a development customer helped U.S. Well Services improve their equipment and knowledge advantage?

In a low price, commodity-driven environment, it’s important to find ways we can deliver more value to our customer. And participating in these programs allows us to emphasize what a forward-thinking company we are. It’s not just the Cat name. When they see we’re using solar turbines, they know we’re innovative, and they’re interested in what else we’re doing.

What is Product Link™ technology and what equipment do you use it for?

Product Link is a really helpful program because it provides deep insights into the health of our equipment, even on remote locations. That way, we can stay one step ahead to avoid catastrophic failure.

How important is the Cat dealer network for you and your company?

The Cat dealer network is critical to our success. They get our spares and other equipment very quickly. If it weren’t for the dealers, we would have to carry a significantly larger inventory, which is extremely detrimental in this price environment.

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