Caterpillar well stimulation customers depend on reliable products to keep their business in operation 24 hours a day. Fluid end valves are highly consumed components to a well stimulation operation, which can result in frequent replacement. Cat® Valves and Seats are designed to last so maximum uptime can be achieved without concern. A durable configuration results in extended periods of operation between valve and seat exchanges, reduced impact forces, increased flow area and directed flow. Furthermore, the seat can withstand multiple valve exchanges, thus lowering owning and operating costs for the customer.

Caterpillar Oil & Gas segment manager Aaron Jenkins commented on the innovative approaches to enhance durability of the overall valve and seat. Specific examples include “utilizing a single cast in the valve” and a “proprietary heat treatment process on both the valve and seat.”


“With current market conditions, it is paramount to reduce owning and operating costs for our customer base, and Caterpillar has accomplished doing that with Cat Valves and Seats.”


Cat 4-series and 5-series valves are available for varying well stimulation operational needs. Customers can rely on Cat Valves and Seats to complete the job with less maintenance involved in operations. Additionally, the global Cat dealer network offers technical expertise, service and sales support around the world.


Watch how we took typical failure modes into consideration when designing our valves & seats and subsequently made valves & seats more durable than then rest.


Our full line of well stimulation pumps are designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, in Caterpillar factories for single-source package confidence.

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Caterpillar Introduces Cat Valves and Seats for Well Stimulation Pump Fluid Ends

Caterpillar is pleased to announce the release of Cat Valves and Seats for well stimulation pump fluid ends at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

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