Need an Electric Motor? Caterpillar Has You Covered

Electric Motor

Need an electric motor? Caterpillar has you covered

Need an Electric Motor? Caterpillar Has You Covered


Cat engines are a mainstay for gas compression operations everywhere, but they aren’t the only option for driving gas compression. Cat electric motors are a reliable alternative for shale plays and areas where noise or emissions are a concern. Caterpillar has long been a respected name in gas engines, and its motors are made with the same unmatched expertise, but what sets Caterpillar apart from its competitors is convenience.


Get key features & benefits of our new electric motors, designed specifically for reciprocating compression applications and pre-engineered to give customers technical drawings upfront and expedited lead times.

When oil and gas companies choose Caterpillar for their motor needs, they are choosing a single source provider and an extensive dealer network. No matter what the job demands, Caterpillar can handle all of a customer’s engine and motor needs without needing to send that customer looking elsewhere for customization. Consider the power of Cat’s engineering and delivery capabilities:

  • Caterpillar makes the motor selection and ordering process as simple as possible. Normally, customers have to spend weeks attaining design drawings from a motor provider and extend lead times further if custom modifications are required. That’s time that most companies just don’t have. Caterpillar understands this, which is why its motors and its ordering process is standardized. All drawings are provided upfront, cutting weeks off of lead times and allowing companies to move forward with their operations sooner.

  • As a single source provider, Caterpillar can quickly adapt to a customer’s evolving motor needs. During the initial ordering process, customers can design a custom package that meets their demands. If, however, a customer requires further customization down the road, Caterpillar can more quickly meet those needs with its supplier and dealer connections.

  • Cat motors meet all the same power requirements as its engines. Cat motors deliver up to 5,000 horsepower with custom motors available up to 10,000 horsepower and can manage the same heavy workload that its engines are known for.

  • Cat motors are built with proven methods and components engineered specifically for gas compression applications. Rotors consist of a fabricated copper squirrel cage that is designed for minimal vibration. The rotor is dynamically balanced at operational speed and its forged, oversized shaft will match up with most compressors. Stators are welded and machined to preserve their rigidity throughout their operational life. Radial air ducts provide efficient and uniform cooling. The stators are vacuum pressure impregnated with an epoxy resin to create a sealed and homogenous insulation system.  This system provides a high dielectric strength with excellent heat transfer that eliminates internal partial discharges.  The form wound coils are wrapped with a mica tape to provide durable ground wall insulation.  For increased rigidity in the end turns, the coil overhangs are tied with absorbent fiberglass cords.  After the VPI process, the cords help provide the coil overhangs with the rigid support required to withstand the most severe operational conditions.

  • Cat motors can be built with a number of option attachments. Additions such as oversized terminal boxes, differential CTs, oil sump heater and controllers, blower motor cooling, surge protection and differential pressure switches are all available on request.

  • Cat motors are an ideal option in locations that are tightly regulated. In areas that are placed under stringent emissions or noise regulations, such as urban centers, Cat electric motors can provide the same power and reliability with reduced noise and emissions.

Motors and engines – the differences between the two are significant, as are the differences between Cat motors and its competitors’ motors. What separates Caterpillar is the ability to deliver both superior workmanship and service, making cumbersome ordering and customization processes a thing of the past.

Plan Ahead: Download Drawings

Plan Ahead: Download Drawings

Cat electric motor drawings are now available to download

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Motor Product Range

Motor Product Range

Product range from 1,000 – 10,000 hp @ 60 Hz and 50 Hz globally. With 2 years of operational use included in warranty coverage

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