Trusting Cat® Certified Rebuild to Bring Machines Back to Life

Trusting Cat® Certified Rebuild to Bring Machines Back to Life

Schildberg Construction Co. is a family owned business that has been moving dirt and crushing rock for the past 75 years. At Schildberg, nearly 13 machines are running at any given time, averaging 10 to 12-hour days, every day. For some machines, that means totaling well over 40,000 hours. 

Among those machines is the 980H Wheel Loader, which just this year was at the center of debate – to rebuild or purchase new. “We began discussing the possibility of rebuilding the 980H when it approached 24,000 hours of machine life,” said Mark Schildberg, President of Schildberg Construction Co. 

Despite not needing any major fixes for the past three years, machine operator, Derrick Akers, noticed the constant usage was taking its toll. He said, “I can feel the pins are getting loose and a little worn out – it’s just that time.” 


After spending 23,000+ service hours at work in a harsh quarry environment, Schildberg Construction’s Cat® 980H wheel loader is getting a new life—thanks to a Cat Certified Rebuild underway at Ziegler Cat.

The operation of the 980H is ideal for Schildberg, but they’re a high-hour usage company and their machines feel that burden. Their local Cat dealer already knew that though. Ziegler Cat has been working with Schildberg since their inception in the late 1980’s and knew that the 980H was a perfect candidate for a rebuild.

Ideal rebuild customers have high-demand, high-availability application, and high-production. Think folks who keep their machines constantly moving, running them day in and day out, pushing the loaders to their limits, letting up only when the job is done. Think Schildberg Construction Co.

“Ultimately, we chose to do a rebuild because of the initial cost, the warranty we’d get from Ziegler Cat, and because we know Cat machines hold their resell value much better than any of the competition,” said Schildberg.


Ziegler Cat was so committed to giving this machine a new life, they set out to pick the machine up on the job site – a nearly 8-hour trip. The 980H was brought to the Ziegler Cat facility to be cleaned, disassembled, inspected, and updated. The machine received an upgraded camera system, tire monitoring, idle engine control, and auto lube – all things that contribute to lower cost per hour, increased productivity and increased operator safety. Ultimately, this 980H was given a second life.

Machine rebuilds have become a popular option for Cat customers. Rebuilding a machine drives down the life-cycle cost of a machine, keeps operators in the machines they know and love, and yields increased productivity at less cost than a new purchase.  



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