Compactors at CONEXPO

Cat® Compactors Featured at CONEXPO Add Heavy-Duty Belt, Drum Shell

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 Caterpillar Product Expert Bryan Downing talked about the new heavy-duty design of the proven Cat® Asphalt Compactors.

Lengthening Transmission Belt Life

“The Caterpillar value is based on the Cat® pod-style vibratory system. This is proven in our Asphalt Compactors for the last 20 years. It’s really what our compactors stand for. We’ve added a power transmission belt. The power transmission belt is a heavy-duty system that delivers compaction results. The transmission belt has two times the life of typical timing belts that are used by others in the industry.”

Compactors with Built-In Cat® Durability

“When an oscillatory drum is massaging the asphalt, it often times is sliding across the asphalt surface. So areas that have harder aggregates using the asphalt see more wear on this drum. And that’s why Caterpillar, in the true durability story of the brand, is introducing a heavy-duty, hardened drum shell for the oscillating drum.”

“Customers are very excited to see Caterpillar’s heavy duty design.  They’ve been working with other (competitors) in the industry and are very pleased that Caterpillar is now entering into this space. The durability of the Caterpillar design is what customers are looking for.”


At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 Caterpillar Product Expert Bryan Downing talked about the new heavy-duty design of the proven Cat® Asphalt Compactors.




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