Good Vibrations Build Great Roads

Every paving contractor knows that compaction is critical to the durability of the asphalt layer.

New Cat® soil compactors, tandem vibratory compactors and pneumatic rollers feature Cat Compaction Control enhancements designed to help operators perform at higher levels as well as lower overall costs.

Compaction Meter Value (CMV) technology, for example, uses a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure the ratio of forces of vibrating drum and the reaction of the material being compacted. A calculation derived from this ratio, indicated as a CMV value to the operator, provides an indication of the composite stiffness of the current and supporting layers beneath the drum.

Another technology, the new Auto-Adjustable Compaction (AAC) system delivers the highest amplitude possible without decoupling or over-compacting an asphalt layer. It uses both front and rear intelligent drums and can adjust automatically through the full range of amplitudes in as little as four seconds to promote high quality compaction in the quickest manner.  This allows the operator to focus on driving the best rolling pattern to create uniform compaction across the layer.


“It improves the compaction quality by limiting the amplitude,” says Caterpillar Segment Manager Bryan Downing. “The limit of the amplitude allows for the machine to not cause damage typically found in over-compaction. Over-compaction can lead to breakage of aggregates, reducing the durability and life of the asphalt layer.”

“The AAC system is easy to operate and provides superior compaction,” Downing says. “It extends the durability of the asphalt layer by performing compaction its most efficient form.”

Finally, the Machine-to-Machine Communication system, helps keep rolling patterns coordinated by sharing coverage and pass-count maps via the operating displays of multiple machines. Operators can monitor areas of coverage and the number of passes made. If a trailing operator identifies a missed coverage area, the deficiency can be immediately corrected to ensure consistency.

“Wide roads require multiple compactors,” Downing says. “Multiple machines sharing data enables compaction to be performed at its most efficient.”

Watch this video from Bauma Munich to hear more of Downing’s insights into new Cat Compaction Control enhancements.




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