Cat® Machine Drive Power is innovative technology changing the compaction industry for Caterpillar.

“It's a form of a compaction measurement system,” said Federico Rio, Caterpillar Americas South paving sales and marketing manager. “It allows the machine operator to actually be able to detect and read the level of compaction that he's achieving with each pass on a machine.”

Machine drive power works well on all soil types – on smooth drums, pad foot drums, or smooth drums equipped with pad foot shell kits. It also works with the vibe system on or off.

“We really think it addresses the needs of the customers,” Rio said. “The system's benefit is it gives operators a real-time view of compaction uniformity and potentially any soft spots that may need to be repaired.”

Customers are impressed by this technology. They say it saves then time and money.

‘As soon as you work with the machine for 20-25 minutes , it becomes very hard for the operator to think he could ever work like that again without an MDP machine,” Rio said.

And for those who want even more benefits from this system, the machines can be upgraded to GNSS positioning with mapping capabilities. 

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Cat® Machine Drive Power

Cat Machine Drive Power measures soil density under broader conditions—and with improved accuracy. Your operators will be able to measure all soil types, and move onto the next project segment or a new jobsite with confidence that compaction requirements have been met.

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