Technology Improves Communication and Compaction for Utah Contractor

Communication is critical for an efficient and productive jobsite.  That’s why machine-to-machine communication technology on asphalt compactors is transforming this industry. Western Rock Products in Utah has noticed several improvements to their operations when using this technology.

“Compaction results have improved based on we’ve been able to track our rolling patterns. You get more uniform densities throughout your mat, you’re not getting over-compaction here or under-compaction there,” says Jared, paving foreman for Western Rock Products. “It’s improved the communication between our roller operators based on they can see where each other’s been.”



Sandy a roller operator for Western Rock Products, has noticed the benefits of the system as well. “It tells me how many patterns I’ve done, and whether or not (Jared) has done all of his (passes).”

The Cat machine-to-machine technology also communicates temperature so operators can be sure they are compacting within the optimum rolling temperatures.

The mapping feature is beneficial during nighttime operation when it is difficult to see where the compactor has been.  The screens in the operator console use color to map the passes so it’s easy to identify any missed areas. “Obviously it’s dark and sometimes you lose where you’ve been, you can’t really see your watermark during night so that way you know that you are getting your full coverage and you haven’t missed a foot section somewhere,” says Jared.

When asked about how it improves day-to-day operations, Jared says, “My experience with it is that it has been very helpful, so I do definitely believe it helps the efficiency and the productivity. We’ve been very pleased with it.”


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