Cementos Argos

Experience improves repair planning

Repair-before-failure strategy keeps equipment uptime high for Cementos Argos.

In the past, Cementos Argos might have let a piece of equipment run until failure, just to keep it on the job and producing. Not anymore.

“The repair-before-failure concept is fundamental to us,” says Óscar Aristizábal, diesel maintenance specialist for the Colombian cement company, which operates a fleet of 95 percent Cat® equipment. “We have acquired this attitude over time, based on experience.”

What experience has taught the Cementos Argos team is that breakdowns typically result in higher repair costs — and they inevitably happen at the worst possible moment.

Now, with fixed-price repair options available through Cat dealer Gecolsa, Cementos Argos is able to plan and budget for repairs and schedule them based on equipment hours.

“Depending on the uptime of a machine and its lifecycle, we do perform major repair work, the ultimate goal of which is to improve the state of the equipment,” Aristizábal says. “When we schedule a repair, we save time and money and reduce equipment downtime.”

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Cementos Argos

Repair Options

Cementos Argos

Cementos Argos