Technology Helps Construction Company Work Faster and Smarter

For Timmy Hall Timber and Construction Inc., on-board guidance and control technologies designed by Caterpillar have kept the mid-size company, located in Robertsdale, Ala., one step ahead of the competition. “Technology’s what kept me in business,” said owner Timmy Hall. “In this business you’ve got to be competitive because your competitors know when you get the job, they want to know how you’ve done the job and be successful doing it at a lower cost.”

Thanks to his Cat® dealer, Thompson Tractor Company, Hall has found new ways to work faster and smarter. “The Tier 4 products that we’re offering Mr. Hall, he notices increased fuel efficiency, more productivity,” said Lin Roberts, a sales representative at Thompson Tractor. Hall agreed, saying, “Fifteen percent is my thinking on what we’re actually saving with Tier 4 engines versus the older engines.” That’s important when a tight schedule and narrow margins are involved on a project, like the new four-lane interstate interchange that Hall’s company is working on that will conveniently link travelers to the Gulf Shores and alternatively serve as a hurricane evacuation route.

AccuGrade™ Grade Control System and AccuGrade GPS are two other construction technologies and services that are helping Hall monitor, manage and enhance operations, and gain more control of the jobsite. “New modern technologies keep his workforce in place, keep them more happy, more satisfied where the operator can run all day and not be stressed out and fatigued,” said Roberts. Even operators dig the revolutionary equipment because it’s easy to use and increases grade accuracy. “New technology is a lot simpler with the AccuGrade,” said operator Derek Ashley. “Being able to lay out a platform of our job is a lot better.”

Watch the video to see how Cat customers like Timmy Hall are using technology innovation and value-added solutions on the job.

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