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In the summer of 2018, our customers got hold of the first-ever Cat® UTV. Since then, the UTV has been put to the test in a number of applications – from construction sites to rolling acres of farm land. Customers asked for a workhorse UTV and we delivered, providing best-in-class ride quality and quiet, comfortable operation, plus the ruggedness and durability you expect from Caterpillar.

See how customers like you are taking on their industry with a Cat UTV. 

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Frattalone Companies calls the Cat UTV a “lifesaver.”

Frattalone Companies

Frattalone Companies is on a mission to be the most trusted civil site construction contractor in the St. Paul, Minnesota-area, so they need tough equipment that is up for demanding jobs. That’s why they turned to Caterpillar for their next UTV. 

Frattalone loved the Cat UTV’s traction in muddy conditions, hauling capabilities and the Cat brand reputation. “Time savings are huge… it’s a lifesaver,” said Nick White of Frattalone Companies.  “It’s always rainy, it’s always muddy, we very rarely get a dry day. It’s performed every way that we’ve needed it to.”


“We have the UTV here for mobility on the site, and it’s performed every way that we’ve needed it to. It gets through the mud, gets through the ruts, the traction is second best to nobody.”


– Tony Frattalone, Frattalone Companies

“The biggest surprise to me was how smooth it rides. You go down the road, you think it’s going to be bumpy. I don’t know what Caterpillar has done, but they got it right.”


– Matt Hoobler, Pathfinder Ranches 

Pathfinder Ranches like the Cat UTV for its hauling capabilities and smooth ride.

Pathfinder Ranches

Pathfinder Ranches manages more than 630,000 acres in rural Wyoming. “It’s big country and not all of it you can get across in a pickup truck,” said Matt Hoobler of Pathfinder Ranches. In order to care for such vast acreage, the crew needed a vehicle that could travel long distances and haul heavy spraying equipment with a quiet engine for the livestock.  “I wanted the power. I wanted the ambition of a D9 Cat shoved into this UTV — and that’s what we got.”    

Wilco Contractors Northwest, Inc. worked with Cat dealer Finning Canada to find the right UTV for its business Wilco Contractors Northwest, Inc. worked with Cat dealer Finning Canada to find the right UTV for its business

Wilco Contractors Northwest, Inc.

Wilco Contractors Northwest, Inc. works on a range of open space sites — from land reclamation to sports field construction. Wilco chose the Cat UTV to specifically assist in land surveying due to the extremely smooth ride of the Cat UTV. “We wanted to make sure we had high-quality equipment, a smooth ride, good shifting patterns; we wanted to make sure that the UTV we are using we could use for a long time,” said Art Maat of Wilco.

Thanks to Finning Canada for this customer testimonial.


“We found that the Cat UTV has a better and smoother ride. We have half a dozen UTVs, and we will be switching them to Cat UTVs.”


– Art Maat, Wilco Contractors Northwest, Inc.

“This morning, I went over some rocks and rough terrain, fully expecting to get high centered or at least hit the bottom of the UTV, but I didn’t even come close. I was pretty impressed.”


– Mike Fekkers, AgriCare  

AgriCare uses the Cat UTV to haul crew members and supplies around the farmland it manages.


When farm management company AgriCare was in the market for a new UTV, the offering from Caterpillar made a great first impression. AgriCare maintains 10,000 acres of farmland, so the smooth ride and reliability of the Cat UTV are just what they needed to navigate those acres. “We like the longer wheel base on it,” said Mike Fekkers of AgriCare. “We can bring 4 to 5 people, as opposed to 2 to 3, and the size of the bed is good for hauling all of our supplies.” 

Peoria Disposal Company uses the Cat UTV to get work done in tough environments.

Peoria Disposal Company

Peoria Disposal Company needed a UTV to get into small spaces pickups can’t maneuver, but it still needed to be rugged and stand up to long hours of operation. “Roughly 60 hours a week gets put on our UTVs,” said Doug Schaub of Peoria Disposal. “It’s not a friendly environment, either.” Ultimately, the team chose the Cat UTV for its dependability and easy serviceability, helping them reduce downtime and get more work done. 


“The Cat UTV dominates when it comes to serviceability. The parts availability, the durability and the toughness says a lot. Very impressive.”


– Doug Schaub, Peoria Disposal Company

“The thing that I love the most about it is the quietness. You can carry on a normal conversation with everybody in the UTV. That helps with communication on the jobsite.”


– Bert Vandevere, American Field Service

American Field Service loves the quietness and spaciousness of the 5-seat Cat UTV. American Field Service loves the quietness and spaciousness of the 5-seat Cat UTV.

American Field Service

Due to many miles of road closures on their jobsites, American Field Service wanted crew cab UTVs to help transport its team. The company needed a large cab and a quiet engine that could comfortably drive the crew around all day. “The 5-seater sits 5 people very comfortably,” said Bert Vandevere at American Field Service. “We’ve had 3 guys in the back seat while we rode for several miles and there was plenty of leg room.”

Bradley University uses four Cat UTVs to help with snow removal and winter maintenance.

Bradley University

The maintenance department at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois has strict requirements for the machines they use for snow removal. “We have to have a full cab UTV,” said Facility Supervisor John Bockler. “We need to have heat for the guys who come in to shovel snow, and they need to be able to put salt in the back.” The maintenance team ended up renting four Cat UTVs for winter maintenance, noting that they were the perfect size for the university’s sidewalks. 


“The driving is pretty good. It doesn’t matter if it’s snow, sand or mud, you can maneuver in small areas, especially when you switch into four-wheel drive. That handles great on hills.”


– Jose Covarrubias, Bradley University