Designing the Cat® Utility Vehicles

An Inside Look from the Cat UTV Team

How Caterpillar Put the You in UTV

After taking a deep dive into the utility vehicle market, it became clear that UTVs have moved from more of a recreational vehicle to a work-centric product — often replacing pickup trucks on job sites, farms and ranches. Seeing what was available in the market, the Cat UTV team wanted to develop something that would better serve utility vehicle customers. Beginning with a clean design sheet, the team gathered extensive customer and dealer input to build a UTV that delivered a combination of durability, comfort and maintenance simplicity. After rigorous vehicle testing and positive customer feedback, we know Cat Utility Vehicles offer the superior quality and performance customers expect from Caterpillar.

Putting the Cat UTV to the Test

Putting the Cat UTV to the Test

Frattalone Companies put a Cat® Utility Vehicle to work on the harsh job site of a high-profile sports center construction project in Eagan, MN.

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Cat CUV82

With a maximum speed of 45 MPH, a 50 hp engine and 1,000 lb. rear cargo capacity, the gas-powered CUV82 is ready to perform on any work site.

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Cat CUV82 Cat CUV82

Cat CUV102D

Featuring a 1,000 lb. capacity steel cargo bed and 4-wheel independent suspension, the diesel-powered CUV102D is designed for stable load hauling and transport over any terrain.

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Cat CUV102D Cat CUV102D


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