Land reclamation project in Singapore

Deep Dive: Land Reclamation

By Janet Kirkton, Dredging Industry Steward

As a leading infrastructure company, Caterpillar is committed to sustainable progress worldwide. It’s what we’re built for.  That said, there is perhaps no better example of sustainable progress than land reclamation.

As such, I’ve been spending some time exploring the term “reclamation” in a three part series. In case you missed the first two posts, here is a quick summary and the links to them.

  • In my first post, I asked industry professionals what the term reclamation means to them and also shared what it means to me as the Dredging Industry Steward at Caterpillar.  
  • In my second post, I shared an impressive, inspiring, and comprehensive example of reclamation in action across the economic, environmental, and cultural co-benefits for the city of Rikuzentakata, Japan. 

In this third post, I am taking a deeper dive into land reclamation by describing some of the major activities it entails and how Cat® products and services can be used to support it.

Please keep in mind that every project is different and the scope of activities required will vary. However, the main activities are generally the same and these are the ones I focused on while creating the infographic below. I hope you’ll share it and reach out to me with questions or comments. In addition, I am always looking for ways to help celebrate and showcase projects and successful outcomes. So, please don’t hesitate to share what you have been up to.

For this infographic, we’ve depicted a high level representation of the jobsite activities associated with reclamation, along with the Cat equipment and specialty machines that make up the Caterpillar jobsite solution for each. Ongoing activities of infrastructure development and environmental protection can require a wide range of standard Cat products, but the activities related to land reclamation often require specialized or custom machines for specific and specialized jobs.

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Download the land reclamation infographic Download the land reclamation infographic

I’ve also included our full Dredge Cycle and Solutions infographic so you can see the wide range of products and services we offer to these industries. I’ll continue to take deep dives into different areas of dredging and water-based infrastructure and share more of our innovations and knowledge in this space.

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Download the dredge cycle and solutions infographic Download the dredge cycle and solutions infographic

Caterpillar has what it takes to support land reclamation projects every step of the way, no matter where you are in the dredge cycle. You can find out more about our dredging customers, products, and additional resources at cat.com/dredging. I would also love to hear your questions, comments, or suggestions for future posts. Email me at HMS_solutions@cat.com.

We’ll be at the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) Dredging Summit this month with a team of Caterpillar representatives representing the jobsite solution for dredging, coastal protection, and reclamation – so come visit us in booths #25 and 26. Stay tuned for more information.



Janet Kirkton

As Caterpillar’s Industry Steward for Dredging, Ports & Waterways, Jan is constantly in pursuit of new opportunities and solutions to serve this vast industry. Her kids liken this job to being a "Master Transformer" - and truthfully, it kind of is.

In collaboration with customers and external partners, Jan leverages Caterpillar core products to develop new and innovative solutions for dredging companies and contractors. Whether you’re working on land or in the sea, our unique custom products benefit from the same incredible support from our dealer network as our standard Cat machines. How great is that?

Have an idea? She would love to hear about it. Connect with Jan on LinkedIn or email her at HMS_solutions@cat.com!

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