2017 Worldwide Dealer Meeting features Cat® Electric Power

With a lot of new technology on the horizon, it’s no wonder we were asked to showcase some of our latest innovations at this year's premier dealer technology fair. Below you will find an overview of what we showcased… the next best thing to being there in person. If you want to know more about any of our topics below, please reach out to the marketing resource identified. 

Cat Microgrid: Strengthening your customer’s grid and offsetting their fuel costs, one solar installation at a time

If commercial or industrial facilities are located far from a central utility grid, or if the grid in their area experiences frequent outages or power quality problems, they are ideal Cat® microgrid customers. As the price of oil has risen and fluctuated, the cost to operate such facilities has become excessive and unpredictable. Recently, three technology trends have combined to create a new solution for these sites. The rapid reduction in cost of solar photovoltaics, power electronics, and energy storage have made microgrids a viable and attractive alternative energy source that complements diesel power generation. Microgrids combine traditional diesel generators with optimally sized solar, power electronics, and energy storage to create a hybrid electricity generation system. It can reduce fuel consumption by 25-66% or more, while significantly reducing total life-cycle owning and operating costs and increasing reliability and quality of power at remote sites. For more information on our Cat microgrid product line click here or contact Rachel Perva at Perva_Rachel@cat.com.

Cat Biogas Gensets: Help customers combat waste and create clean energy

Biogas-fueled Cat gensets allow customers to convert waste gases produced by landfill, agricultural waste, food and beverage waste, sewage, and waste water into highly efficient and clean electrical and thermal energy. The alternatives are grim… either flare the gas into the atmosphere or just allow it to vent. Using Cat biogas gensets to convert waste into energy benefits the environment, is carbon neutral energy production, and is a renewable form of energy. Cat dealers benefit by participating in the clean energy industry using proven Cat reciprocating engines, generating an attractive parts and service opportunity. For more information on our Cat biogas genset product line click here or contact Shannon Davis at Davis_Shannon@cat.com.

Cat Diesel Gensets with Improved Power Density: Lighter weight, easier handling, and smaller footprint means lower installation costs for your customers

The new line-up of diesel gensets provide the higher power densities needed to address data center and health care customer challenges relating to capital, site size, and cost. When the series of upgrades is complete, Caterpillar will offer seven new ratings ranging from 1,250 ekW to 2,750 ekW. They use existing, proven engine platforms to deliver greater emissions compliance, higher power density, and significantly reduce installed costs over current product offerings. The benefits include easier transportation and lower cost installation and maintenance. This is ideal news for facility managers looking to replace or upgrade existing diesel power systems. For more information on our new diesel gensets for improved power density click here or contact Chuck Boysen at Boysen_Charles@cat.com.


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