Cat Power Finance: Your Partner in Growth and Business Success

Cat Power Finance: Your Partner in Growth and Business Success
Cat Power Finance: Your Partner in Growth and Business Success

Cat Power Finance is a specialized team within Cat Financial that is dedicated to supporting Cat® electric power and oil & gas customers through tailored financial solutions for engines and generator sets.

Let’s walk through the key benefits offered by Cat Power Finance and how we can help you keep your business moving forward.

We know the industries you work in

At Cat Power Finance we focus on serving two industries: electric power and oil & gas. Other lenders often have a broader focus, which can limit their expertise in the industries you work in.

Our team has extensive expertise across a wide range of electric power industries including industrial, marine, petroleum, rail, and on-highway trucks. Regardless of where you are in your buying journey, we can help guide you through the process of acquiring the equipment you need with the flexible financing solutions available to your business. Plus, you can leverage our financing knowledge to help you make strategic decisions to run a successful business.


Flexible terms to meet your needs

We know businesses like yours have a lot on their plate. Sometimes a high, recurring payment just isn’t in the cards.

Most financial institutions offer loan terms up to 5 years, but we can offer loan terms of up to 10 years if needed, for qualified customers, subject to approval. Plus, we can set up custom payment schedules to suit the needs of you and your business, subject to approval.


Global coverage to support your growth

Expanding your business operations into other countries won’t require a new lender, which can help make your finances easier to manage. In fact, we support international growth by accepting multiple payment forms and currencies.

Our global dealer network is also available wherever you do business to offer assistance when you need it most whether you’re looking to acquire new Cat® equipment or service your existing generator sets or engines. 


Long-term commitment to the industry

We understand that some businesses can be impacted by local, national and international economic market conditions. Some lenders might consider this industry too risky, but we are committed to supporting you through good times and bad.


Unmatched product support

If your equipment requires maintenance — or you have questions about its operation in general — our network of dealers, and the Cat Power Finance team, will get you the answers you need to keep your business running smoothly. Plus, our product support is global, so you get coverage almost anywhere you choose to do business.


     Watch the Cat Power Finance video to learn more and contact  us today to discuss your options.

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