How to Get Financing for an Engine Overhaul

Complete a truck engine overhaul without major up-front payments

How to Get Financing for an Engine Overhaul

Engine overhaul financing is a great option if you want to extend the useful life of trucks and similar vehicles in your fleet. Let's look at what goes into this engine rebuild process, the potential costs and the best way for your business to access the repair financing needed to overhaul your truck engines.

How to Get Financing for an Engine Overhaul

What is an engine overhaul? 

An engine overhaul is a way to return a truck or other piece of equipment with engine problems to good working order, allowing you to fill a crucial jobsite role with it. Implementing a preventative maintenance plan can help engines last much longer than they would otherwise. Similarly, an equipment protection plan can give your trucks and other heavy equipment the best chance of a long useful life before major repairs are needed, and helps you manage the associated costs. However, all engines will eventually face significant issues that require more in-depth repair efforts. An engine overhaul can be more cost effective than a total engine replacement and almost always carries a lower price tag than purchasing an entirely new piece of equipment. For companies trying to remain within a strict budget, as well as those simply looking for an alternative to keep using their current equipment, this type of truck repair can definitely pay off. 

While an engine overhaul is typically discussed in the context of cars and on-road trucks, there are many instances where engine overhauls are available for off-highway trucks and other types of heavy equipment. Having this option available to your business can help you keep a particularly effective piece of equipment on the job while also saving money. 


What is the cost of an engine overhaul? 

An engine overhaul can vary widely in cost. It's difficult to provide an average for many reasons. Each project is unique and technicians may charge differently for similar jobs depending on level of experience, availability of parts and other variables. The comparative cost of an overhaul is the most important thing to keep in mind in this context. As we've already noted, an engine overhaul is often less expensive than the alternatives. However, the cost may still be significant. You need to make sure you understand the most cost-effective way to realize an engine overhaul project. 


What is engine overhaul financing? 

Engine overhaul financing is simply a way to spread the cost of this helpful project across a series of monthly payments. Not all businesses have the cash available to cover the cost of unexpected major repairs like an engine overhaul. So instead of having major up-front costs, your business can have a predictable expense that can be accounted for in the budget. Financing options like business loans can be available to businesses to help with these costs. However, owners of Cat® equipment should also consider the Cat Card for engine overhauls. 

The Cat® Card offers support specifically for Cat equipment, including parts, servicing and rental needs. That means connecting with Cat dealers and technicians who are trained on Cat equipment and are equipped to provide relevant, current, and valuable knowledge and support. If you need an engine overhaul on a Cat off-highway truck or another piece of equipment, it’s best to work with a technician who knows all the specifics and has worked on the same engine in the past to prevent the downtime of rework. 

Another benefit of the Cat Card is the flexibility offered by the revolving account option. This revolving line of credit allows your business to carry a balance from month to month as you pay down the cost of an engine overhaul. This strategy means handling interest payments, of course, but with a regular plan for paying down your debt tied to the engine overhaul, those interest payments will reduce each month. In the meantime, your company benefits from the overhauled engine as soon as it's ready to go back to work. You can also contact your Cat dealer about special financing promotions that may be available.

Cat Card also features a simple application process with a secure online portal. This mix of convenience and safety means you can easily start applying whenever you decide to without having to wait on hold on the phone or visit a physical location to fill out paperwork. Learn more about Cat Card


Is there anything else I should know about the process? 

An engine overhaul can significantly extend the life of your off-highway truck and heavy equipment. If you eventually decide to purchase new or used equipment after an engine overhaul and no longer need the overhauled piece of equipment, consider donating it to charity if it's still in good working order. This tactic can give you a tax break while also helping those in need.


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