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thief near truck

Discover different theft-prevention strategies—from high tech to low tech—that will make you and your cargo safer when you’re on the road.

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Winter safe driving tips

hands on steering wheel

Get the tips and tools you need to make sure you are properly prepped for the winter ahead.

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Is your fleet ready for the ELD mandate?

truck driver smiling

Implementing ELD technology across an entire fleet takes a lot of time and planning. Here are seven questions you can ask to determine how prepared your fleet is.

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Eight ways to attract millenial drivers

social media icons

If you manage a fleet, building a stable, long-term driver workforce is a big challenge that keeps getting bigger. Find out how to reach out to the next generation of drivers.

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Six top trucking indicators to follow

knowledge is power keyboard

When you manage a fleet, you have a lot of data to deal with. How can you be sure it’s the right data? Discover truck-industry indicators that can help you make smart business decisions.

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Eight ways to use data to manage safe driving

driving data

When you manage a fleet, data can help you in a lot of different ways — and overall safety is an important one. Discover eight ways to gather and use data to help your fleet be more safe.

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Nine tips for safe driving in construction zones

construction zone sign

The number of construction zone accidents is climbing, with 25% of fatal work-zone crashes involving large trucks. Discover nine tips that will help your drivers be safer in construction zones.

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Five ways technology can help you retain drivers

truck with tv satellite

While finding good drivers may be challenge, keeping them is an even bigger challenge. Discover five tips that will help you improve driver-retention rates.

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Have you heard about the Million Miler Club?

million miler jerry scheidt

Meet Jerry Scheidt, who has reached the three-million-mile mark and is well on his way to making it four.

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Meet a man who's reached three million miles

million miler alan kitzhaber

It’s quite an achievement to reach one million miles with a single Cat engine. Meet a driver who’s reached the three-million-mile mark and is driving towards four.

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Staying healthy for the long haul: ten tips

healthy driver

Staying healthy over the long haul can be a difficult challenge. Here are ten tips you can share with your drivers that will help them lead healthier lives.

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OOIDA Announces New Push to Delay ELD Mandate


After multiple attempts have failed, a new push to delay the December 18 ELD mandate is gaining momentum. Will it succeed?

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Autonomous fleets: How close are they to reality?

healthy driver

Is the trucking industry heading into the era of autonomous trucks? And how “autonomous” will these trucks actually be? Read the whole story.

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