Caterpillar offers dozens of motor grader kits, add-ons and upgrades that can customize your work experience and give you additional safety and maintenance features. Whatever your application might be, motor grader kits, add-ons and upgrades can enhance the operation of your grader and help raise efficiency and lower costs.


Let’s look at some of the offerings found in the Cat® motor grader rig-out catalog. As always, your Cat dealer has the most detailed information about which motor grader kits, add-ons and upgrades might be right for you.



  • Finish Grade Ready Kit
    This kit includes drawbar, circle and moldboard wear parts to help restore and maintain factory tightness.

  • Cab Storage Kit 
    Enhance the amount of storage in your motor grader cab with this kit of floor-mounted and headliner storage bins.

  • Mirror Extensions 
    Expand the use of your standard mirrors and benefit from additional visibility with these extensions.

  • Circle Saver
    Keep your motor grader’s circle pinion greased with a remote port on top of your drawbar. This not only makes it far easier to maintain, but it can also extend your pinion and circle gear life.

  • Blade Extensions
    Expand the reach of your motor grader blade and raise your efficiency up to 20% with these extensions.


  • Straight Front Blade 
    The Cat straight front blade can help with snow removal, grading, land-leveling or dozing. It’s available in various widths and heights depending on your application and machine size.

  • Manual/Hydraulic Angle Front Blade 
    This attachment gives you all of the benefits of the straight front blade in addition to 30 degrees of hydraulic left- or right-angle capacity.

  • Front-Mounted Hydraulic Broom 
    Clean debris easily from roads and intersections with this broom attachment.

  • Push Block/Counterweight 
    Mounted to the nose plate of your motor grader, the push block can serve as a counterbalance for a rear ripper and aids in environments where your motor grader might be used as a push vehicle.


  • Advanced Control Joysticks 
    Keep your hands on the controls at all points of operation with these upgraded controls. All-grade control functions and attachment controls are added to the existing joysticks and can be programmed to control any auxiliary attachments added to your motor grader.

  • Cat® Grade 
    The Cat Grade control system increases productivity by up to 40% with cross slope, GPS and advanced tracking sensor technology to make your grading go more smoothly than ever.

  • Stable Blade 
    This feature eliminates machine bounce by adjusting the throttle when bounce is detected to prevent surface damage, improve operator comfort and increase productivity by reducing rework passes.

  • Telematics 
    Monitor your machine location, fuel status and health information using this technology with your Cat app.

  • Digital Blade Slope Meter 
    See your blade slope angle on the main display to quickly check your cross slope.

This is only a selection of available motor grader kits, add-ons and upgrades. For more, explore our motor grader rig catalogue, and talk to your Cat dealer.


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