Mining Technology Training

Mining Technology Training

Mining Technology Training

Investing in Cat® MineStar™ products is just the first step in building business value at your site. Utilizing Cat MineStar to its full potential can help enhance safety, reduce costs, improve productivity and boost efficiency. That’s why the MineStar team provides a comprehensive suite of training opportunities that allows users to build skills from foundational to expert through web-based, instructor-led and on-the-job courses.

Training is based around job roles at either the customer site or the dealership, ensuring that users are trained on the functions they need to be effective and efficient in their daily work. Training spans the MineStar suite of products—Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health and Command—and can be scheduled in combination or individually to allow your operation the flexibility and scalability it needs to be more productive, efficient and safe.

Types of Training:

Web-based Training
Also called eLearning, this method is the most portable and allows users to learn via videos, interactive digital courses, and other media types on a desktop, laptop or mobile/tablet device. Web-based training is usually foundational-level content.

Instructor-led courses allow users to learn with others in a classroom environment with a subject matter expert and standardized materials. Our instructor-led training consists of interactive system exercises to equip users for real-world application of the products.

Simulation training takes the classroom one step further and allows users to apply hands-on learning in an environment that mimics mine control operations. This type of instruction allows users to make mistakes and learn the system without having a negative impact on production.

On-the-job/ Practical
To gain familiarity with site specific procedures, we encourage on-the-job shadowing after completing training so that users can apply what they’ve learned to real-world application at their site.

To request training please complete our Mining Technology Training Request Form.

Training Course Catalog

Mining Technology Training Course Catalog

Provides an overview and list of courses available

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Mining Technology Academy

Mining Technology Academy

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