We’ve Made Access to Daily Maintenance Components Easier

Compact Track Loader Service and Maintenance

Daily maintenance inspections on compact track loaders are essential to achieve maximum machine longevity. With this in mind, Cat® Compact Track Loaders are designed to minimize the time you will need to spend on daily maintenance.

  • Daily maintenance check items, such as the engine air filter, battery, engine oil dipstick, engine oil filter, electric priming fuel filter and water separator, hydraulic oil level sight gauge and hydraulic oil filter, are easily accessible by simply opening the rear engine door.
  • The rear engine door is on a hinge to avoid having to remove it and set it aside when servicing or inspecting the machine. This can be especially useful on the farm or ranch during wet or muddy conditions.
  • No tools are needed access or check the components.
  • The component layout underneath the cab is well organized and designed specifically to make it easier to clean, inspect and identify any issues.

Cat Compact Track Loader Product Line

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Better Fuel System Design Means Increased Machine Uptime

Cat Compact Track Loader fuel systems are designed to reduce time spent on daily inspections.

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