Save Time with Cat Attachments

Save Time with Cat Attachments

Shorten the Work Day with the Right Machine Attachments

Save Time on the Farm or Ranch with Cat® Attachments

Cat® attachments have proven to be particularly useful in agriculture applications due to versatile and evolving performance capabilities. It is always helpful to stay on top of the latest advancements when considering your next attachment purchases.

Buckets: A “Must-Have”

Buckets are commonly used in the agriculture industry. They can be used for mucking out barns, moving silage and feed, and overall maintenance of the property. Because versatility and cost of ownership are important factors, many farmers and ranchers choose a multi-purpose bucket over a general purpose bucket. These buckets are also known as a 4-in-1 bucket, and serve four main functions:

  1. General bucket work.
  2. Grapple for picking up and moving materials, such as logs or debris.
  3. Dozer blade for pushing.
  4. Box blade for smoothing loose ground.

Cat Performance Series Buckets, compared with conventional buckets, have a unique, patented design to provide superior loading characteristics, including:

  • Easier, faster loading.
  • Significantly increased fill factors — approaching 110% fill over other buckets.
  • Improved material retention.
  • Enhanced sight lines to the pile.
Additional Attachments to Consider

Along with buckets, there are several other Cat attachments that can make work around the farm/ranch easier and more productive:

  • Bale spears are designed specifically for the agriculture industry to load and carry bales of hay and straw. Nearly every feedlot and cattle farmer in the country has this attachment.
  • Brushcutters help to keep the property manicured. They are especially popular on the east coast of the U.S. where grass and weeds are more of an issue.
  • Landscape and power box rakes are also used to shape and level terrain. Power box rakes are especially useful for preparing ground around buildings for seed and smoothing out gravel roads.
  • Augers are commonly used for drilling holes for fence posts. They can significantly reduce time spent putting up large perimeters of fencing.
Performance Matching Your Machines and Attachments

Without a doubt, you are going to get the greatest productivity out of your attachments when using them with a machine that can optimize their performance. Cat machines and attachments are designed to work together to provide maximum efficiency and ease-of-use for the operator. Some of these performance-enhancing features include:

  • Quick couplers let operators change out attachments quickly and allow the machine to earn its keep in doing several jobs around the farm.
  • Return-to-dig and work tool positioners allow you to pre-set the attachment angle and automatically recall that setting when requested. This is very handy when trenching water or electric lines to barns or from ponds to watering troughs. It's also helpful for loading silage into feed bins or going back for another hay bale.
  • Creep mode gives you the ability to adjust ground speed in correlation to engine speed. Traveling at a slow ground speed with full engine horsepower and hydraulic flow is especially useful for trenching operations, brush cutting or rolling barbed wire for cattle fences.

To learn more about utilizing attachments for work in agriculture, visit For additional information, contact your local Cat dealer.


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