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Cat® Performance Series buckets further increase productivity and operator efficiency. The benefits of these new design elements include:

  • Easier, faster loading – increasing the fill rate to 110 percent.
  • Enhanced sight lines to the pile and into the bucket. This helps operators easily determine when the bucket is  full – a feature that eliminates the time and fuel wasted in attempting to load an already full bucket.
  • Improved containment of material during transport.

Cat® technology inside the cab is also helping operators maximize bucket performance. Some of the features that have become especially useful in the agriculture industry include:

  • Cat machines are equipped with software that allows the operator to control how responsive the bucket is from the  joystick in the cab. For instance, operators can increase the response of the controls when added precision is needed for a task, such as mixing feed.
  • Parallel lift and high tilt forces help the machine handle loads with increased precision.
  • Intelligent power management systems distribute the right amount of power based on the task the machine is handling – maximizing performance capabilities.

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