Quality / Layout

Our quality assurance capabilities include X-Ray, Magna Flux, ultrasonic, chalk and oil, boroscopes, Infinity/SPC software, and casting traceability. Layout capabilities include a coordinate measuring machine capable of measuring castings up to 9 feet tall and 18 feet in length. A Roamer Arm laser scanner and touch probe also provide layout and pattern/casting reverse engineering capability.

Manufacturing / Development

CMO's Manufacturing and Development department is equipped to perform a variety of research and development activities without interrupting production. This department houses a 1,200-pound induction furnace and two 4,000-pound induction furnaces.

Casting Process Simulation

Casting Process Simulations allow for optimization of the casting process to eliminate shrinkage and gas porosity defects. Fluid flow simulations can be used to ensure acceptable mold filling. Other simulations can predict microstructure, mechanical properties, distortion, residual stresses, and hot tears.

Simulations are run using numerous software packages, which include:

  • Arena Flow
  • Magma
  • CaPS