10 Ways to Train (and Keep) Your Team

Securing quality operators promises to be one of the toughest jobs contractors face. But given the industry’s long history of overcoming obstacles, it’s clear you’re up for the challenge.

More than 30 percent of contractors we surveyed said skilled operators make or break their business. But close to 75 percent struggle to find good people and nearly nine out of 10 expect the situation to stay the same or get worse. Find out how training, technology and new equipment can help you attract and retain top talent—while you improve productivity and fuel efficiency at the same time.

1.       New employee orientation

2.       Instructor-led classes

3.       On-the-job instruction

4.       In-the-iron guidance from veteran operators

5.       Simulators or simulation software

6.       Online classes

7.       Apprentice programs

8.       Vocational school

9.       Mentoring and coaching

10.   Informal discussions

View the infographic to get recruiting and training strategies to start implementing now:

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More than 30 percent of contractors surveyed said skilled operators make or break their business.

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