5 Reasons to Banish Motor Grader Bounce


Controlling machine bounce is an everyday battle for motor grader operators. And while nobody likes the constant struggle, most have learned to live with it. That’s unfortunate. Because motor grader bounce threatens your bottom line. Here’s how:

1. It creates rework. As soon as a machine starts to bounce, the surface being graded gets damaged by the blade. That means the operator will have to make another pass or two—maybe more—to meet specifications.

2. It increases fuel consumption. With every extra pass, fuel consumption goes up and costs escalate.

3. It slows down the job. More passes take more time. And more time means more money.

4. It reduces component life. Bouncing accelerates wear and tear on components, increasing the risk of premature failure. 

5. It fatigues the operator. Productivity drops when an operator spends long hours in a jarring environment, focused intently on increasing and decreasing throttle speed to manage bounce.

If you’re ready to stop tolerating bounce, consider equipping your grader with Cat® Stable Blade. This exclusive system, developed especially for motor graders, detects machine bounce before the operator does and automatically reduces machine speed before it can cause damage and drive costs higher. Contractors and other grader users tell us this easy-to-use technology saves time, cuts costs and reduces fuel burn by up to 14 percent. It’s available as an option on new Cat M Series 3 graders or as a retrofit for older M Series models.



14M3 Motor Grader

Motor Grader Bounce

The 14M3 features a host of integrated technology solutions that increase operator efficiency, boost productivity levels and lower owning and operating costs.

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