A Three-Minute Investment That Could Boost Your Efficiency 20%

Mark has spent his career helping contractors squeeze every unit of production—and every dollar of profit—out of their fleets. Now he’s sharing his expert advice with you. In this short video, he’ll:

  • Show you the best basic jobsite setup for an excavator and simple hauling unit

  • Explain how creating a bench can lead to huge efficiency benefits over the life of a project

  • Demonstrate a simple trick to help trucks enter and exit the hauling area more easily

  • Offer tips on how to optimize every bit of your bucket for various types of materials

Watch “Rethink Jobsite: Loading Efficiency” for all of Mark’s efficiency tips and tricks—it’ll be three minutes well spent.

Get expert advice on setting up your jobsite and optimizing bucket fill factors that could increase your loading efficiency as much as 20%.

972M Wheel Loader

972M Wheel Loader

Deep system integration results in reduced emissions, improved performance and better fuel economy. The 972M is better built to meet your needs.

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Quarry Saves Big on Fuel Without Sacrificing Performance or Comfort

Quarry Saves Big on Fuel Without Sacrificing Performance or Comfort

Controlling fuel costs is a big priority for Laurelbrook Natural Resources. So is maintaining machine productivity and operator comfort. The Cat® 972M Wheel Loader delivers on all three counts.

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